Setup instructions.

  1. 1 Go to the settings of your MAG 250/254/256/322 device.
  2. 2 From here go to the System Settings.
  3. 3 you’ll see option titled ‘servers’.
  4. 4 select ‘Portals’
  5. 5 From here we can add or change the Portal URL. For Portal 1 name you can write anything as it’s just for reference. For the field, ‘Portal 1 URL’ you’ll need to enter the portal address which you’ll get it from “myorders” or from email. Make sure it’s entered exactly without any typos and saved. The portal 2 name and URL can be left blank. This is only useful if you have multiple subscriptions to different IPTV servers. This way you can easily toggle between two servers at once.
  6. 6 The last step is to go back to the system settings menu and click restart portal, or reboot the device.
  7. 7 Enjoy live tv!

if you encounter any problem in installations, please contact us or WhatsApp