Setup instructions.

  1. 1 You have to install putty or any ssh client.
  2. 2 Get the ip address from your enigma device,it may vary from device to device (usually it is located in network setting, see this example with vu+ device (, or search in google how to find ip address on [your device name]).
  3. 3 Open putty and enter the ip address of the device and click open.
  4. 4 Enter the username(root) and password(),leave the password empty and click enter
  5. 5 Copy the script from “my orders” or from email.
  6. 6 Paste the script in terminal and click enter
  7. 7 Enter “reboot” and wait the device to restart.
  8. 8 Enjoy the iptv !

if you encounter any problem in installations, please contact us or WhatsApp