• We Provide IPTV Subscriptions and IPTV Reseller Panels only.
  • Blinkiptv is not responsible for the Video/Audio content and does not guarantee nor claims any rights to the content.
  • Blinkiptv is Just a reseller for many providers.
  • Channels & VOD in any package are subject to update, change or removal at any time without prior notice.
  • Blinkiptv responsibility is limited to activating the subscription for the agreed-on period, as a proof a screenshot showing the expiration date will be sent to the client registered email.
  • 1 subscription = 1 connection, you can’t use more than one device per subscription.
  • Any attempt to use more than 1 device at the same time exposes your subscription to get permanently terminated.
  • The client is responsible for sending his device information to include device type, model, app used and his MAC if applicable.
  • If we didn’t receive device information within the order notes, we will send m3u format and will not and can’t be changed.
  • Our providers perform maintenance to their servers from time to time, this could happen anytime and the time frame is not estimated.
  • Buffering, freezing and not working content is normal in any IPTV in the world, therefore you may find these issues.
  • The client is responsible for getting to know how IPTV works and the nature of it.
  • Any IPTV Package could be replaced with any other in case of the unavailability.
  • IPTV Subscription credentials are usually sent to the client registered email within 1 business day after receiving clear payment.
  • For IPTV Resellers, Blinkiptv only responsible for activating and sending the IPTV Reseller Panel information and to include the agreed-on credit points.
  • We don’t and will not provide any assistance for any of the IPTV Reseller panel issues.


  • Blinkiptv guarantees that all the TV subscriptions codes purchased from our website will be activated for the agreed-on period, screenshot showing the IPTV Subscription information and the expiration date will be sent to the client registered info, for any issue that comes to the servers, stopping or not working content we don’t have any control over. contact us and we will do our best to fix the problems.
  • Blinkiptv is not responsible for any subscriptions purchased from a wrong type of IPTV receiver box.